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Couve Penca de Mirandela

Butternut Squash

Climbing variety, with pear-shaped, thin-skinned, creamcolored fruit. The interior is fleshy and bright orange. Fruits of 1.5kg to 2kg. It is late ripening and can be stored for several months. Ideal and very practical in the kitchen due to its shape. Its flavor is sweet and with a light touch of dried fruit. Marvelous!

muscat de provence_FR021.JPG


A climbing and very vigorous variety, it produces dark green, round, slightly flattened fruits, gaining a grayishyellow sheen as they ripen. The fleshy interior is red and the fruits weigh between 5kg and 10kg. Slow growing and maturing, they should not be harvested too early, and have good storability. It loves warm climates and has an excellent taste!


Oakleaf Lettuce

It belongs to the oakleaf lettuce group and has cut leaves with a wrinkled texture and a reddish-brown color. It is an ideal variety for cutting the leaves as needed, because it does not form heads. It needs 45 to 50 days to harvest and can be stored for some time. Delicious and versatile.

black beauty_FR003.jpg


Eggplant with a smooth round shape with very dark color. Medium sized plant with high production. A variety adapted to dry and hot climates, it needs high emperatures and strong lighting for its development and flowering. Production benefited with abundant watering. Its delicious flavor starts to be tasted at the end of summer.


Portuguese Cabbage

Traditional variety from Mirandela, Portugal. The leaves are large, green in color and white stalks. The cabbage is large, closed and the plant rustic, adapting to different types of soil and withstanding low temperatures. Rich in vitamin A and calcium, it is widely used in the confection of soups and stews.



This variety has a high yield of dark green zucchinis. It produces long, slender fruits that are especially delicious when harvested at small to medium size. The harvest stimulates the production of more fruit. Add a refreshing touch to your salads!



Elongated shaped fruits that weigh between 10kg and 13kg. Vigorous growing variety with fruits resistant to handling and Fusarium fungus. Our team's favorite watermelon, because of its delicious taste!



A very appreciated traditional variety! Very productive, with oval shaped fruits that can weigh between 3kg and 4kg. Variety that in its cycle requires high temperatures. Fruits with white coloration and very sweet. Traditional flavor, now in organic production!



Traditional variety from Tuscany, Italy. Intense orange flesh with golden rind, sweet and aromatic flavor. Very productive variety, with medium sized plants. It is grown in mild conditions.

FR901_Sweet Corn_Golden Bantham.jpg

Sweet Corn

This is a classic sweet corn variety that is very productive. Sowing should be done in parallel rows to aid pollination and to ensure that the cobs fill with kernels. The cobs have an excellent flavor and can be eaten fresh or stored for later consumption.



Well-known cucumber variety that forms robust, elongated, and pleasant-tasting fruits. Requires high temperatures, sun exposure and frequent watering. Refreshing for salads and cold soups!


Sweet Pepper

A square-shaped, sweet-tasting bell pepper of Italian origin. It has a smooth, thick, crunchy peel and can weigh up to 200g. When ripening the green becomes a very intense yellow. It is a compact plant that produces 8 to 10 fruits, it doesn't need pruning or support, ideal for your vegetable garden. In the kitchen, it is especially delicious roasted on the grill or stuffed.



Undemanding plant with easy and fast growth. Ideal for planting outdoors, in a greenhouse or even in pots. It has a pleasant and peppery flavor, great to incorporate in mixed salads. It can also be consumed as sprouted.



A national favorite for its size and shape! A tomato with incredible flavor and texture and few seeds. Late harvest, large fruits that weigh on average 200g. Variety of indeterminate growth habit that needs stems for a healthy production.



Chives is a perennial aromatic herb with a flavor reminiscent of onions. Its tall growth allows for frequent leaf trimming. It is an ideal plant to grow in your herb bed, in a pretty pot in the kitchen or on the balcony. Its flavor goes perfectly with fresh salads and homemade omelets.



It likes loose soils and places with good sun exposure. Initial growth is slow, but can reach up to 40 cm to 60 cm in height. Seeding can be direct, in the ground, but can also be seeded in pots or containers. It is an annual crop and has a refreshing green color. The stalks and flowers are edible. Ladybugs are attracted to its flowers.

manjericao tailandes_ER010.jpg

Thai Basil

Variety of basil with a sweet anise smell, with a hint of licorice. Annual plant that does well in warm climates. Cut the inflorescences to prevent the plant from becoming bitter and to promote plant growth. Often used in Asian cuisine.

salsa commun3_ER001.jpg


Classic variety of parsley with clipped leaves and intensely aromatic. Ideal for seeding in outdoor beds for the country gardener or in pots on the balcony for the urban gardener. Attracts butterflies to your garden and aroma to your life!



Sage is used in sauces, grilled foods, fish and vegetable dishes, in cheeses, aromatic oils, and vinegars. It is an effective antiseptic and aids digestion, and is also recommended in cases of asthma and mouth and throat infections. It helps to alleviate menopausal symptoms and to regulate the menstrual cycle, helping to reduce states of melancholy and depression. It is easy to grow and grows well in pots.

tomilho_ER016 (2)_edited.jpg


Thyme is a well-known aromatic herb native from Portugal and the Mediterranean region. The most common use of its leaves is in cooking, but its medicinal properties make it ideal for infusions or homemade syrups. The plant forms a small shrub that can be 15 to 40 cm tall. It can also be grown in pots in a location with good sun exposure.



Variety originally from Germany. A beautiful amaranth with red colored inflorescences and plants that can reach 1m or 2m in height. Variety adapted to dry and hot climates, with edible leaves and seeds. With an exuberant aspect, it stands out in any garden. Bring biodiversity to your garden!


Wild Pansy

The pansy produces flowers with three colors. The small flowers are produced in large numbers over a long period of time, and are edible and ideal for adding color to salads or desserts. Compact plants very suitable for patio gardens.


China Aster

A mix of colors, where the strong stems make this plant a great choice as a cut flower. It is excellent for adding color to the garden, and can also be used in borders. It is easy to grow, adapts well to various soil types, needs to be well drained, and requires regular watering during the summer. It should be transplanted only after the risk of frost is over.


Pot Marigold

It can be used in consociation with tomato and asparagus plants. It attracts many auxiliary insects and bees to the garden. This species can be planted with good results in locations with mild temperatures.


Garden Nasturtium

Garden Nasturtium is a plant with beautiful orange and red flowers. The plants grow over a large surface area,producing leaves and flowers mainly during mild temperatures. The leaves and flowers are edible and have a spicy peppery flavor, ideal for adding a new taste to your salads.



An annual crop with dark orange, yellow, and red globose flowers. It can reach up to 90cm in height and likes spots with good sun exposure. A stunning plant for flowerbeds or as a cut flower. Commercially grown for extracting oil from the seeds, used in cooking and for medicinal purposes.


Blue Cornflower

Annual plant with delicate flowers of vivid blue and purplish color. Easy to grow, with straight growth, it prefers spots with good sun exposure. Beneficial for attracting insects and stunning as a cut flower.

FL017_EQUINACEA (1).jpg


Beautiful perennial plant with visually attractive purple and pink, marigold-shaped flowers. It can reach 40cm to 70cm in height. Well known for its medicinal properties of promoting immune system health.



Honey plant highly valued by beekeepers for its great power of attraction and nutrition for bees. This flower produces a large quantity of nectar and pollen of very high quality. In addition to bees, it also attracts butterflies and many other pollinating insects, bringing biodiversity to your garden. It is also a great cut flower due to the great durability of its flowers.



A hardy, robust variety that provides nectar for bees. It is an excellent ornamental plant with rotation always in the direction of the sun. The flowers appear in spring and summer. To have a longer flowering season, seed in stages. Cultivation is simple and germination occurs 4 to 10 days after seeding.

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