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About us


Húmoz, Fertilizantes de Moçambique, Lda, founded in 2019 with the company's headquarters in Matola, is a company dedicated exclusively to the production and comercialization of organic fertilizers. Through a process known as vermicomposting, it aims to produce and market worm humus fertilizer, a 100% organic and environmentally friendly fertilizer. 

Essential in plant nutrition, this fertilizer can be used in all types of crops, vegetables, fruit trees, pastures, and gardens.

With the perspective of becoming a reference in the area of organic agriculture, we have joined to this project the commercialization of biolocial seeds and greenhouses for plantations in a controlled environment.

We assume the commitment of quality and sustainability supported by a dynamic and dedicated team together with experienced partners in the sector in order to guarantee our customers an experienced and successful support in their agricultural exploitations.

Equipa Técnica

Stefane Niquice

Responsável do departamento de gestão e Marketing

Formado em gestão e administração de empresas pelo ESEG (escola superior de economia e gestão)

Junquer Dembo

Responsável do laboratório de analises e pesquisa

Licenciado em Química Industrial pela universidade Eduardo Mondlane de Maputo

Zuhura Guila

Responsável pelo desenvolvimento experimental e pesquisa

Licenciada em Agropecuária com extensão agraria na universidade Pedagógica de Maputo

  The Húmoz commitment


To contribute to the reducyion in the use of chemical fertilizers and to provide, from small farmers to large companies in the agricultural sector, a fertilizer of excellent quality and greater economic profitability.
Through the production of worm humus, we seek to enable the fertilization of soils in a natural and ecological way, supporting sustainable agriculture.


Húmoz aims to be a reference in its market by promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.


We believe and are guided by the following values:
- Respect, for Planet Earth, based on the valuing and taking responsibility for natural resources.
- Honesty, in personal and commercial relationships with customers and business partners.
- Trust, by guaranteeing our customers a relationship of seriousness and commitment.
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