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Sunrise Agri Farm

Manufacture and commercialization of greenhouses and components.

Sunrise Agri Farm is a company dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of agricultural greenhouses. Based in South Africa and represented in Mozambique by Húmoz.

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How the Agricultural Greenhouse emerged 

The first greenhouse on record was opened in the year 1848 in London. Designed by the architect Decimus Burton, this incredible architectural construction in glass was known as the Palm House.


In order to overcome London's climate, it was built to grow exotic plants, so as to be able to offer these plants to classes with high purchasing power.


Orange trees were mainly grown, which made these buildings known as "orangeries".

Today, this greenhouse is a famous tourist spot that receives visitors from all over the world.

What are Greenhouses?

Agricultural greenhouses are structures used by growers who wish to conduct safe, protected cultivation. In general, it protects the plants from drastic climate changes and allows the control of light and temperature. In addition, the environment contributes to the prevention of diseases, pests, and invading animals.

Thus, it is possible to respond to specific market niches, and therefore attracts the attention of small, medium, and large producers of vegetables and ornamental plants.

Greenhouses can be classified according to their structure and their ability to control meteorological parameters (acclimatized, semi-acclimatized and non-acclimatized).


Light scattering and heat maintenance effect

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